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Janka Hardness Scale

Private Client News
August 16, 2009
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Wood floor hardness revealed!                     1
Executive Overview
  • Tropical wood is typically harder than domestic wood.

  • The hardness of the finish or lacquer is more important than
    the hardness of the wood

  • Only the finish touches your

What is the hardness of this exotic species? This is one of the most asked question clients interested in wood floors. The experienced flooring expert will advise that the hardness of the wood is only half of the story. The toughness of the finish is the most important performance aspect of the floor. Toughness is a measure of the lacquer’s ability to resist scratches and flexibility. The sward rocker hardness and taber abrasion resistance tests are typical industry standards used to report performance. The second most important criteria for the evaluation of the floor is the thickness of the veneer. One can have a high hardness rating but a thin veneer. If the veneer is thin the inherent hardness will be low. A thick veneer will dent less than a thin veneer.

The chart to the right will give clients an indication of the relative hardness of the floor but remember that this is only half of the story.

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